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last edit: 02.02.2021

Autumn Training Denmark

Hey guys!

Winter is approaching, it's getting colder, and the autumn storms are coming. That's why we're training (before it gets cold) for two weeks at the end of the season in Denmark from October 3rd.


The primary training is slalom (fin and foil miexed) and, if wanted, UP and down foil.



Early October 2021



The base is Bork Havn on the Ringkøbingfjord, as we can get anywhere quickly from there. Also, among other things, Bork Havn is very suitable for slalom and foiling.

But, we sail according to the wind, so the training will take place at a different location if the wind is better elsewhere.


Possible training areas:

+ (everywhere on the Ringkøbingfjord)

        - Bork Havn

        - Hvide Sande

        - Skaven

        - Ringkøbing 


 + Some selected places on the LimFjord:

     - Skive

     - Ejsingholm


+ There are also other areas on the plan, e.g.

     - Esbjerg / Ho bows

     - Aahus

     - Veddelev



And if you'd rather go waves, some of the best spots are not far away either:

  - Blåvand approx. 45min

  - Hvide Sande approx. 30min

  - Klittmøller approx. 2 hours


 Where can I stay (sleep)?


What does the training cost?

The training has an expense allowance of 15 € / 100DKK per day, which must be paid in cash or via PayPal before training.



Join our Facebook Group

if you don´t have facebook just text me via email


Please write me an email, also if you have any questions:


Kind regards,

Peer from Team Devil-Line

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